The only members of the Institute are the existing governors and directors, all other ‘members’ are members of the various Registers.


Anyone registered on the Course Register or the Professional Register will receive a discount on ANY course that the Institute offers (except Security assessments and Security Courses run independently by our Assessors); the Journal and any Newsletters issued by the Institute; invites to attend any events that we may organise.

Course Register

Anyone who completes the Instructor’s Course and gains a certificate at any of the four levels offered can apply for inclusion on the Course Register.

Those gaining an Assistant Instructor level or an Instructor level will be offered the opportunity to apply for Affiliation (no letters allowed after your name), those gaining a Graduate Instructor Certificate will be offered the opportunity to apply for Associate (ABIPDT) and those gaining an Advance Instructor Certificate will be offered the opportunity to apply for full Membership of the Course Register (MBIPDT).

Professional Register

Those employed full-time in a professional capacity (police officers, service personnel, etc.) can apply for inclusion on the Professional Register.  Entry on the Professional Register comes at two levels: Associate and Full.

For further information regarding either the Course Register or Professional Register, please contact the Membership Registrar direct whose details can be found on the Contact Us page.

Code of Conduct

All members are deemed to have agreed to the minimum code of conduct. Click here to read the Code of Conduct.