Main Objectives

Main Objectives

Formed In 1974, the Institutes’ original brief was to improve the conditions of the professional working dog. It soon became apparent to the founders that there was a need to be catered for in the field of pet dog training; which was at that time expanding rapidly. It was their opinion that, as a professional organisation, they should take the lead in trying to encourage responsible dog ownership; also to promote the idea to the general public that they should try to understand their dogs. It was felt that the best means of educating inexperienced owners in the care and behaviour of their dog was to make efforts to raise the standard of instruction in the local dog-training club.

Since 1975 the Institute has run two, one-week residential courses for instructors and potential instructors every year. There are now hundreds of clubs who have an instructor who has qualified in one of the four grades of excellence available to those who attend the course and successfully pass the Institutes’ practical test; judged by independent assessors.

The Institute founders imposed only one criteria to the courses; as dog training is a very diverse activity and must take into account not only why the handler wishes to train their dog, but also the temperament of both dog and handler (and also all members of the family, friends and the general public that the dog is likely to meet), there must be no standardised system of training. What works for one dog in a particular set of circumstances will not always work for another, as circumstances can NEVER by replicated.

Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and should never be undertaken lightly, a little regular effort in the early days will enable your pet to integrate into your family’s life without any undue stress for either dog or family.

Starting in 2014, B.I.P.D.T. is giving dog owners the opportunity to gain practical knowledge with their own dog. Not only of the good, every-day behaviour now required by the modern pet dog, but also to introduce owners to the excitement that can be gained by learning correctly how to start teaching your dog to do various activities. Scent work is a fascinating activity which most dogs can excel at, gundog work exercises (irrespective of the breed of dog) can be both challenging and great fun, agility keeps you both fit and active and working trials exercises combine the dogs’ agility, tracking, nosework and obedience into one discipline. The handlers’ course is being held at the same time as our residential instructors course.

The Institute does not condone the use of electric or pinch collars.