History of BIPDT

History of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

Although not founded until 1974. The BIPDT had been visualised by the founder members for many years. The ever increasing use and need for working dogs, particularly in the field of security in its various forms, made its formation necessary. The Guard Dogs Act 1975 created a need to have a professional body to represent trainers and handlers in the private sector.

Dog Trainers InstituteIt also became apparent that the pet dog training field was also expanding rapidly and urgently required suitably trained and qualified instructors.

As a professional organisation it was decided that they should take the lead in trying to encourage responsible dog ownership and also help the general public to gain a better understanding of their dogs.

In order to do this it seemed the best way was to try and raise the standard of knowledge and instruction techniques at the many dog training clubs that were proliferating throughout the country.

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